H&M Escapes Advertising Ban Despite Several Complaints

H&M has dodged an advertising ban despite several complaints over a beach-set campaign featuring swimsuit models. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received complaints that the campaign was degrading toward women and that it was unsuitable for children.

According to the ASA, the absence of nudity and lack of “overtly sexual” expressions on the models’ faces means they did not break any ad rules with regards to suitable imagery.

Although H&M avoided a ban, they “regretted that the advertising had been perceived as offensive” and said that they would take the complaints into consideration for future ad campaigns.

This is not the first time this year that H&M has been under scrutiny regarding its ads. Another campaign starring David Beckham in his underwear garnered many complaints, and another swimsuit ad (see last image below) sparked outrage among cancer groups stating that the model was “overly tanned”.

What do you think of the criticism that H&M’s ad campaigns have received?

h&m swimsuit adh&m swimsuit ad