Hand-Made Shoes by Aleksandra Sychowicz


It always makes me happy to find comfortable looking shoes that also look great. What makes these shoes even more intriguing is the story behind the designer, Aleksandra Sychowicz. Aleksandra graduated with a degree in philosophy less than three years ago. After finishing school she decided to make shoes and, being a true go-getter, she started to practice with one of the most respected craftsmen in Warsaw – Jacka Kamińskiego.

Have a look at Aleksandra’s gorgeous collection of hand-made shoes. Let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments below.

aleksandra-sychowicz-handmade-shoes-1 aleksandra-sychowicz-handmade-shoes-2 aleksandra-sychowicz-handmade-shoes-3 aleksandra-sychowicz-handmade-shoes-4 aleksandra-sychowicz-handmade-shoes-6 aleksandra-sychowicz-handmade-shoes-7